Website overhaul....

Posted by CreateInYourJammies

What a HUGE project!

When I created my first Kinder Printables website in 2000, it was very basic. At the time that I created it, I also owned a few child care resource websites that occupied most of my time. The first KP site was decorated with cows. I wanted something cheerful and friendly.

When I decided to take a hiatus this year, it wasn't exactly planned to be this long. I had a lot of family things to assist with, and I also wanted to make some big changes to the Kinder Printables direction.

100+ pages later, Kinder Printables new format and design is about to be unveiled. I have worked a lot of hours on this website. I took an extra long time because I wanted to make sure that it was done right.

The new LOOK has a common theme, and my reason for this theme is written on the front page of the KP site. I started this blog to give me another method to connect with my Kinder Friends. :)

Your comments are always welcome. I'd love to hear from you to know what you think of the new site.



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