Looking ahead...

Posted by CreateInYourJammies

The new and improved Kinder Printables website is hot off the presses. It's been a huge undertaking, but I hope that the many frequent visitors, and the new visitors alike will find something to download here.

I have a few touch ups to do on a few of the spider websites (websites that branch off of the KP site), but I think overall the big project is almost reaching a conclusion. Does that mean by to do list will shorten? Hardly! :)

KP was redesigned to provide for a better navigational system. This way when somebody is searching for a particular type of printable, the menu at the left of the website will assist.

When the Daily Kinder Printable is announced each day, there will be designation links taking you to the pages where the items are posted. This will enable me to keep the pages orderly, and give everyone an opportunity to see what else is available on the website.

The future looks bright for Kinder Printables. KP materials are now featured in several countries, (Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, South Africa, Turkey) as well as all over the United States. It's quite rewarding to see my artwork being used in classrooms all over the world.

Stay tuned for new developments!



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